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NORMAL a plastic surgeon's letter to his daughters about body image



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About the Author

Dr Pouria Moradi lives in Sydney with his wife Jodie and three daughters (Rosie, Evie and Tessa) plus their dog TimTam.

Dr Moradi is a specialist plastic surgeon, author and international speaker at plastic surgery conferences having been invited to present in Australia, Thailand, Korea, Columbia, Argentina and Portugal.

Having studied medicine at UNSW as a Sam Cracknell Sport and Academic Scholar, Dr Moradi was awarded Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 2005 and Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in Plastic Surgery in 2011. He has further subspecialty fellowships in cosmetic surgery under Dr Per Heden from the famed Akadekliniken in Stockholm (the largest provider of cosmetic surgery in Europe), along with a Microsurgical fellowship in Breast, Lower Limb and Head and Neck surgery from Imperial NHS Trust in London.

Dr Moradi runs his private practice in Surry Hills, Sydney and works as a visiting medical officer at Prince of Wales, Sydney Childrens’ and Royal Hospital for Women’s Hospital, Randwick Campus in Sydney.

Dr Moradi holds a number of governance and leadership positions, sitting as the current Chair of training of plastic surgeons in NSW,  and a member of both the National Training Board and Curriculum Taskforce for the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons and Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

Dr Pouria Moradi

What readers are saying...

Dr. Pouria Moradi's "NORMAL": A Must-Read for Parents of Tweens As a father of four daughters, I highly recommend Dr. Pouria Moradi's debut book "NORMAL." A renowned plastic surgeon in Sydney, Dr. Moradi provides valuable insights on body image issues. The book encourages parents to discuss their children's feelings about their appearance, especially if they face depression or bullying. By acknowledging these feelings as normal, we can help our children feel less alone.

Gregory Gray

Normal. A Plastic Surgeon's letter to his daughters about body image is THE book every parent and tween/teenage girl should have. It's a thoughtful and factual discussion about body image and the options available to those who are exploring what it means to them..

Jaqui Lane

This book will spark meaningful conversations between parents and their daughters, emphasizing the importance of internal work before considering any external changes. This heartfelt and powerful resource is an essential read for parents with adolescent children. Let it guide those crucial conversations that can make a difference in their lives.

Tristan Lal

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About The Book

I first got the idea for this book as I watched my eldest daughter Rosie, who was seven at the time, try on different swimsuits to get ready for her school swimming carnival. She seemed so proud of herself and completely unaware of how she looked. I wondered how long this innocence would last, and my conflicting roles both as a father of 3 daughters and also a plastic surgeon and how I could teach my daughters to be confident in their own skin. 

Once I started writing the book, I had a patient say to me, ‘thank you for making me feel normal’ which seemed a perfect title for a book about body image and development and what is exactly “normal”? 

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